Week Seven - Personal Growth Night

Week Seven

Communion Night

Let's break bread together

We are in the home stretch of the 10-week groups. This week is a Communion Night which is a night designed for members to share their experience of God with each other. On week four we were able to share our stories with each other. This week will be partaking in communion together. This has potential to be a memorable night of your group because you are getting to do a spiritual activity together as we remember what Christ has done for us.

The second half of the group Pastor Chris will be sharing with us about our third value of Dinner Groups, “reproducing groups and leaders.” This will hopefully set you up nicely to have a conversation about making plans to continue your group beyond the 10 weeks, and/or ending well together.

There are two videos for group this week but don’t worry neither is long.

The reality is, you were able to get connected because someone valued multiplication over connection in creating community.

Take Communion with Your Group

Helpful Tips

Four things you always incorporate:

  1. Remembrance – taking time to remember what Christ has done for us

  2. Prayer as a group or individually

  3. Quiet moment to allow people to engage with God.

  4. Bread and Cup

It doesn’t have to be bread and wine/juice.

  • If your group is meeting online, encourage your group members to use whatever they have available.

  • The posture of your heart is what is important.

Do not go long winded. Keep the focus.

Walk your group through the practice before you do it. It will allow them to know what will take place and allow them a chance to prepare.

You have options! You can walk your group through communion as part of your Dinner Group night or as the focus of the whole evening with prayer

Watch Week Seven Video

In this session, Pastor Chris High & Connection Events Coordinator, Maria Venter, provides an overview of our Dinner Group value “Connecting the Unconnected,” Connection Nights and lays out how best to plan your Connection Event as a group!

Video run time: 7 minutes

Having a Conversation About The Future of Your Group

If you’re planning to continue your group beyond the committed 10 weeks, we’ve put together a helpful video on how you might structure your conversation. It breaks down into three easy parts:

  1. How you’ve specifically enjoyed your group.

  2. Acknowledge the contribution they have made.

  3. Invite them to continue on meeting with you.

If they are on board this might be a great time to set some goals for your group. Do you need to make any adjustments to when and how you meet? Perhaps set an end date at which you hope to multiply by so more people can be a part of the community. Pray for the individuals your group would like to invite to the group. These are just a few ideas. As always reach out if you have questions.