Week Four - Communion Night

Week Four

Communion Night

Let's share our stories

This week in group you will have an opportunity to share your stories with each other. This is an opportunity for you to begin creating community inside of  your group. Nights like tonight are encouraged at least once a month so that you and your group are able to share in common activities that encourage each other in your faith.

As you hear from each other this week, we challenge you to be real and be curious – doing so will strengthen the relationships inside of your group and remind your group members that they are valued. Group leaders, don’t forget to share your story firs

There isn’t anyone you can’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story. -Fred Rogers

Video - Communion Night

Watch the video together

In this session, Pastor Anthony Reimer encourages us to be real and share our stories. He gives us some tips on how to think through the process so we can begin to create community inside of our groups!

Video run time:  6 minutes